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Je suis loyal barbet veillant.

I am a loyal, watchful Barbet

The wiseman teaches us & tells us what will follow.

Whoever wishes to come into the house
He must first knock
When the door is opened, give his reasons
Ask softly what he wants
For if he blunders in
Someone will shout, Barbet, stop him,
Shout bite him bravely,
For he is like you an animal.

In the house amongst the many objects
To take away or to pick their lock
They go to look in the pot
To see what there is to carry off
Such fools have gained the rub
They do it with ease
I shout after them without stopping
For these are enemies of my master

The good domesticated dog is on guard while his master sleeps
And if someone comes he wakes him when by chance he sleeps too deeply.

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